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UNESCO Chooses Dive Olly Dive for Worldwide Youth Educational Project

Press Release from The MoonScoop Group

LOS ANGELES, CA -- May 27, 2009 -- The MoonScoop Group, a leading worldwide distribution, brand management and entertainment company representing brands from some of the largest animation producers across the globe, announces today that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has selected DIVE OLLY DIVE!, the popular animated preschool series, to be part of the organization's new educational campaign to teach students about the richness of the world's underwater cultural heritage.

UNESCO will utilize characters from the show to reach children through printed materials to be distributed on their website and to classrooms worldwide as part of the organization's mission. In addition, UNESCO will serve as a consultant to the show, as the series begins production on its second season.

DIVE OLLY DIVE! follows the fun-filled underwater escapades of Olly and Beth, two young research submarines-in-training. The two live in a deep-sea research center known as SURF, the Special Underwater Research Facility, where they experience the joys and challenges of life in their underwater world, much in the same way that preschoolers experience life in their world. Created using the latest advances in high-definition 3D CGI animation, the series features an incredibly lifelike underwater world, along with storylines that educate children on the delicate nature of the ecosystems that exist beneath the oceans.

The show, which airs on PBS Sprout in the US, Disney Channel and France 5 in France, KI.KA in Germany, TVE Spain and dozens more channels worldwide, is a winner of the 2008 Parents' Choice Award and Hugo Television Award (Certificate of Merit), in addition to being nominated for an Emmy Award, Prix Jeunesse and Best Animated Series at the 2008 Annecy International Festival of Animated Film.

"DIVE OLLY DIVE! has done a wonderful job introducing children to the importance of caring for the environment and submerged archaeological sites and we look forward to working with them on interesting stories about shipwrecks and the ancient ruins that make up our underwater cultural heritage," said Ulrike Guerin, UNESCO's representative for the Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. "The characters are friendly and engaging, and they will be a great aid in our efforts to reach children in an entertaining and easily understood way in every corner of the globe."

"We are incredibly honored that UNESCO has chosen the DIVE OLLY DIVE! characters to be an integral part of their great educational mission," said Cynthia Money, President, Worldwide Consumer Products and Marketing for MoonScoop. "From our initial meetings with them, everyone involved in the production of the series has learned a great deal more about the importance of preserving these underwater archaeological sites. They have presented us with incredible story ideas based on actual underwater discoveries, and we look forward to translating many of these ideas into exciting and entertaining storylines in season two."

DIVE OLLY DIVE! is a co-production of Mike Young Productions Limited (MYP), Flying Bark Productions Pty Ltd. of Australia, KI.KA, ARD of Germany, Telegael Teo of Ireland, Atlantyca Entertainment of Italy and GDC in China. The series was created by Andrew and Ian Ross and it is produced with the support of the MEDIA Plus Programme of the European Community.