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Unbound Studios Launches Spot For Munchsters’ Lunchpods

Hollywood-based Unbound Animation recently completed a spot for the British kids' lunchbox product, Munchsters' Lunchpods. Unbound was hired by Viacom Brand Solutions as part of its Munchsters' " MegaBowl" promotional campaign to air on Nickelodeon U.K. The 30-second spot opens with pre-teens Whak and Kayo, sitting at a table looking glumly at their empty lunchboxes. A fly buzzes out of the nasty lunchboxes, while the voiceover tells them to forget their old boring sandwiches... Munchsters' Lunchpods are more fun, cool and taste great! The shot pulls back to reveal the kids are in a huge bowling alley. They start goofing off, using the torpedo-shaped Lunchpod packages as bowling balls while the voiceover explains the Nickelodeon Munchsters' Mega Bowl promotion. The spot ends with the tagline, "Go mad for Munchsters." The commercial was scripted, storyboarded and produced at Unbound's Hollywood-based animation studio, and Unbound London completed post-production. Unbound animated the spot in traditional 2D, utilizing Flash as an ink & paint tool. The work was then composited in AfterEffects. The Unbound team in Hollywood included producer Alex Reed and animation director Timothy Pixton. Unbound's London-based producer, Rob Doherty, worked directly with Viacom Brand Solutions U.K. executives Daniel Salem, Drachan Forster and Emma Keyser.