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Uli Meyer Takes A Bite Out Of Cookie Crisp Cereal

Uli Meyer Studios has completed the first commercial for the international launch of Cookie Crisp cereal for client Cereal Partners and agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Studio founder Uli Meyer designed the mascot for the cereal, a wolf named Chip, as well as creating the original artwork for the packaging and directing the commercial. The 30-second spot follows the hapless and hungry Chip as he tries various ways to steal Cookie Crisp cereal from two children. The spot mixes both 2D and 3D animation. In-house designer Matt Jones came up with the color and background styling for the combination of traditional animation and CGI backgrounds, which were layed out in Photoshop and then modeled and lit in Maya to match the 2D artwork. "Using Maya to create our backgrounds enabled us to move through the illustrations," said Jones. "The idea was to move away from the typical CGI look but still retain the advantages of using CGI 'space' and retaining a 2D ascetic." Post-production was also completed at Uli Meyer Studios. Other credits for the spot include CGI supervisor Leo Sanchez and producer Christian Roberton.