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Uli Meyer Grapples With 3D Octopus For Kelloggs

Uli Meyer Animation has just delivered the second in a series of computer animated commercials featuring Okto the Octopus for Kellogg's Variety Packs. In the new 30-second spot, titled "Find The Variety," Okto and Okto's friends, Sandra the Swordfish, The Crab and The Starfish make return appearances, while an electric eel debuts as an improvised aerial for the radio that provides the soundtrack for the commercial. In the spot, Okto plays the "shell game" in the galley of an underwater shipwreck, trying to find his favorite cereal among the eight varieties in the Kellogg's Variety Pack. He is both helped and hindered by the other aquatic characters. Director Uli Meyer decided to avoid a typical "CG look" by using as many hand painted textures as possible. The storyboard, by Jean-Paul Vermeulen, was animated in Softimage by supervising animator Soren Super. Softimage modeller Esther Neslen used production paintings and textures by art director Michael Hirsh to build the wrecked ship, the main backdrop for the ad. Simon Leech composited the shots in After Effects, assisted by Ron McMinn. Complete information can be obtained at

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