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Uli Meyer Bakes Up New Cookie Crisp Spot

Uli Meyer Animation has just finished its second Cookie Crisp commercial, SPRING IN THE CITY, for Saatchi & Saatchi London featuring Chip the wolf.

It plays on the same theme as the previous commercial SLING SHOT, also directed by Uli Meyer; Chip inventing new and wacky ways to obtain his beloved Cookie Crisp.

Chip imagines a city made from huge boxes of Cookie Crisps. With springs on his feet Chip bounces to the city via springs on his feet and tries to grab the kids Cookie Crisp. He gets hold of a box, but twists upside down and all the cereal falls out. The commercial ends with the wolf pole-vaulting toward camera, exclaiming, Next time Ill get my Cookie Crisp.

SPRING IN THE CITY was animated traditionally in 2D with backgrounds created in Photoshop and textured in Maya. Moving cars were also modelled and animated in May, while it was composited in combustion at the London-based studio.

Saatchi & Saatchi credits:Agency Producer Tess Woodward (London)Creatives Eric Mintz, Jacques Dufour (New York)

Uli Meyer Animation credits:Director Uli MeyerProducer Christian RobertonAnimators Uli Meyer, Tim Watts, Jean-Paul Vermeulen, Gerben Steenks, Gary Dunn, Andy Murray Maya Mark Bailey, Leo Sanchez, Charlie Lovettcombustion David Griffith

Uli Meyers 2D and CGI work can be viewed at the studios Website