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Uli Meyer Animation Unites Europe

Uli Meyer Animation created a 30-second computer animated title sequence for the German television station WDR show entitled MADE IN EUROPE. To illustrate the wacky nature of the show, which features guests from six European countries who talk about and perform country-specific oddities and customs, Uli Meyer Animation chose to use stereotypical images of European countries presented in a comical way. Some of the title sequence elements include dancing Can-Can girls on top of a London bus driven by Picasso that crosses in front of the Eiffel Tower while a Scotsman does a sword dance. A Spanish bull emerges from underneath the Arc de Triomphe on top of an Underground train that spits out bumbling businessmen, while a couple of Vikings slap fish into each others face. The Pope is seen chasing Nuns as a Laplander fishes for the Copenhagen mermaid while his moose faints on the ice. The Greek god Zeus puts an end to it all by whacking his ancient TV set. The spot was animated in Maya and composited in After Effects.