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Ubik's Alien Takes Two Bites Out Of Maxibon

Italy's Ubik VFX Studio recently completed animation and visual effects for the new Maxibon Motta commercial, directed by Dario Piana and produced by FilmMaster and the Red Cell Agency. The spot opens with a live-action scene on a sunny and crowded beach on a hot summer's day. A space ship appears and a friendly alien with two mouths appears, which he uses to eat a Maxibon ice cream sandwich, before returning to outer space. The model artists and animators at Ubik VFX developed the concept, design and model of the alien and spaceship. According to Ubik's team, much attention was given to the character design and the facial commands of the alien, which was difficult because the creature has no eyebrows. Maya was used for the 3D animation of the alien and spaceship, with additional 2D animation completed using Cyborg and combustion. Ubik VFX was founded in 1994 and has since done extensive commercial work for clients such as BMW, Volvo, Kodak Film, Pennzoil, Celebrity Cruises Lines and Jeep Chrysler Grand Cherokee. The company has also completed visual effects for Italian broadcaster RAI and the television mini-series SANDOKAN. Credits for Ubik VFX include art director Gabriele Diaferia, VFX supervisor Marco Revelant, 2D artist Josè Sala, 3D supervisor & lead animator Rickard Soederstroem, texture painter Silvia Buttignon and 3D artists Nicola Scarpinato, Rosalinda Malibiran and Daniel Persson.