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Ubi Soft Beats Yearly Forecasts

Ubi Soft Entertainment, an international developer and publisher of interactive games, surpassed its predicted sales growth of 25% for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2001. Ubi Soft reported net consolidated sales of US$236 million (259.8 million euros) up 39.4% over the previous year. This growth came in spite of a 5% decline in the video games world market for the same year. Net income for Ubi Soft during the fiscal year decreased to $4.2 million (4.6 million euros). This was attributed to slow sales in the next generation market. Other costs came from key acquisitions during fiscal year 2000-2001. Ubi Soft anticipates a growth in sales for the next fiscal year of between 35 and 40%, i.e. between $317 and $331 million (350 and 365 million euros), and a net profit margin of 4 to 5%.

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