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TVE Signs On as 'Mica' Co-Producer

TVE joins Santillana, Plural Entertainment, and Screen 21 as co-producer on the animated series Mica.

Mica steps confidently into the audiovisual sector with the incorporation of TVE in the coproduction of its animated series, based on a successful educational project by Santillana, in which Plural Entertainment and Screen 21 are already involved. The series will premiere on Clan TVE in 2014 and joins four Spanish companies in its creative process. Furthermore, its global distribution is provided by BRB Internacional.

Made in High Definition and aimed to a preschool target, the series Mica (26x13') has a polished 3D finish. The main character is Mica: she is not a superhero, and she doesn’t know everything... Micais a real girl! She is an imaginative, cheerful and outgoing girl who, as a six-year old, sees no problems, but only challenges, and she faces all situations with a big smile and tons of enthusiasm. With her friends, Daniel and Julia, Micafinds adventures in every moment of her daily life -at home, at school or in town-. She also has a great little secret: Lio, a friendly “book bug” who lives hidden in her caravan.

Directed by Javier Martínez, a young Spanish director with prestigious international awards –including a student OscarMica series also includes a renowned team of scriptwriters, Noelle Wright (Doc McStuffins), Kevin Monk (Handy Manny), and Ashley Lannigan (Phineas and Ferb). The creative team of Vodka (Jelly Jamm, Bugsted) is also collaborating. In 2014, it will launch its licensing plan coinciding with the premiere of the television series and supporting the success that the character of Mica already enjoys as educational material by Santillana.

Source: BRB Internacional

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