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TV-Loonland’s Metalheads Prepare For Battle

TV-Loonland has started production on its latest animation series METALHEADS (26 x 11-minutes), a comedy adventure set in the Middle Ages and aimed at 6 to 11 year-olds. TV-Loonlands UK-based animation studio Telemagination is producing the series, which has an anticipated delivery of summer 2003. METALHEADS centers on a motley crew of five kids and their enthusiastic efforts to become knights. Its described by Loonland as a little bit Monty Python and a little bit THE KNIGHT'S TALE. The series is directed by Chris Hermans (RUGRATS, ROCKETPOWER) with Mike Ryan (COW AND CHICKEN, JOHNNY BRAVO) as story editor/writer. METALHEADS is a co-production of TV-Loonland and ZDF, in conjunction with CBBC. TV-Loonland holds the worldwide rights to the series, excluding television for German-speaking Europe.