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TV-Loonland Partners To Produce CGI-Animated Dragon’s Rock

TV-Loonland, in cooperation with German kids TV channel Super RTL and German production company GUM Studios, will start production of its first CGI project called DRAGONS ROCK in November 2001. Delivery of the 26 episodes of 24-minutes each are due at the beginning of summer 2002. Super RTL is co-financing the project and own the German rights and TV-Loonland holds all other worldwide rights to the series. Working with GUM Studios, Germanys largest TV studio focusing on life-size puppets and virtual characters, DRAGONS ROCK will combine professional TV puppetry with high-tech computer animation. The series will be produced with real-time computer animation in virtual environments and each character will first be modeled as a real puppet and then digitized three-dimensionally, creating a virtual copy of the original model. The virtual characters will be controlled by data suits, data gloves and posture recognition. The technical aspect of the complex real-time production processes will be handled by TEVOX, a sister company of GUM and a producer of virtual TV-characters. TEVOX has developed input devices that allow experienced puppeteers to play live computer characters. Harald Siepermann, who has designed characters for the Disney movies TARZAN and MULAN, came on board for the detailed development of the character design. Set in the Middle Ages, DRAGONS ROCK follows the adventures of the dragon Stanley Hopper who unlike all the other dragons has grown up among humans and consequently is considered an outsider of dragon society.