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TV-Loonland Makes MIP Moves for Heidi, Cramp Twins & More

TV-Loonland has been making the most out of MIPCOM this year landing deals for several of its properties including HEIDI and CRAMP TWINS.

The company has sold the TV broadcast rights for the German version of its new feature film HEIDI exclusively to the German children's TV broadcaster Super RTL. The 80-minute film is a co-production of TV-Loonland, its British subsidiary Telemagination and the Canadian production company Nelvana. Based on Swiss author Johanna Spyris classic children's book, the new production relates the experiences of Heidi, the young girl who lives in the Swiss Alps with her grandfather and her friends Peter and Klara. The book has been translated into more than 50 languages and sold more than 100 million copies since it was published in 1880.

Peter Völkle, ceo of TV-Loonland, said, "The granting of TV rights to Germany's most successful children's TV broadcaster Super RTL puts us on track for high viewer ratings for the TV broadcast of our film version of HEIDI.

Susanne Schosser, programming director at Super RTL, said, "TV-Loonland is an internationally renowned producer of high-quality and entertaining children's cartoon shows. We are convinced that this stylistically advanced movie will touch and inspire audiences. While animated with state-of-the-art technology, it treats timeless themes cherished by generations of children worldwide."

In addition, TV-Loonland has licensed its hit series THE CRAMP TWINS to Super RTL as well as Fox Kids Germany. The second season (26x11) was sold to Super RTL and both the first and second seasons (52x11) were sold to pay-TV provider Fox Kids Germany.

"We are very happy to be able to provide yet another successful TV-Loonland production, THE CRAMP TWINS II, in our lineup," said Schosser. The first broadcast of THE CRAMP TWINS II is scheduled for spring 2005.

Karola Bayr, program director for Fox Kids Germany, said, "By including the two seasons of THE CRAMP TWINS, we have added a series to our lineup that blends in perfectly with our content. We aim to be a station that entertains children as well as stimulating and encouraging their many different learning processes. Fox Kids not only shows successful series such as WHAT'S WITH ANDY?, YU-GI-OH! and, most recently, the cult series THE SIMPSONS; it also showcases strong, unusual series like SHIN CHAN." The episodes of THE CRAMP TWINS are slated to be broadcast on Fox Kids starting in January 2005 in the Jetix programming block.

THE CRAMP TWINS was also purchased by Media Corp TV12 Singapore (second season) and Teleprog International as part of a 300-hour Pan Middle Eastern package deal, which also includes METALHEADS, CONAN THE ADVENTURER, ENCHANTED TALES, MY LITTLE PONY, various feature films and many others. Jetix Europe N.V/Fox Kids Europe also acquired the production THREE FRIENDS AND JERRY.

The series CONNIE THE COW was sold to YLE Finland and Disney Germany. Disney France purchased seasons one to three of the catalog title FAMOUS JETT JACKSON. Other library titles, FAT DOG MENDOZA, CONAN THE ADVENTURER, JEM and TRANSFORMERS: TAKARA were acquired by Retelsat Spain.

METALHEADS was also sold to RTE Ireland and ABC Australia. Cartoon Network Australia acquired the TV license for JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS. The hit production SOMETHING ELSE was bought by ATV Hong Kong and Media Corp TV12 Singapore. PONGWIFFY and the Christmas special DONNER were also sold to ATV. Media Corp TV12 secured the TV rights to the hit production CLIFFORD, which was also purchased by Trans TV Indonesia.

TV-Loonland sold the productions MY LITTLE PONY and MY LITTLE PONY TALES to TPI Indonesia, while Juita Viden/Unicorn Indonesia acquired the productions TRANSFORMERS AND TRANSFORMERS: TAKARA. ABS CBN Philippines bought the broadcast rights for ENCHANTED TALES. The new production DRAGON'S ROCK and DONNER sold to SABC2 South Africa.

In the home entertainment business as well, TV-Loonland managed to post numerous sales at the start of MIPCOM. The DVD and home video rights for the productions MY LITTLE PONY and MY LITTLE PONY - THE MOVIE were purchased by MRA Ent. Australia & New Zealand. The production JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS went to Rouge Citron France. Joan Records Germany/Benelux bought the home entertainment rights to CONNIE THE COW, JEM - THE MOVIE, REBOOT and FANTASTIC FLYING JOURNEY. TV-Loonland was also able to sell the rights for GI JOE - THE MOVIE to Best Ent. Germany and Austria.

TV-Loonland is an integrated media company and counts among the leading international producer-distributors of animation for children, youth and families. With its own development teams and production facilities in Continental Europe, Great Britain and the U.S., a comprehensive rights catalogue as well as a worldwide operating distribution team, TV-Loonland has today become a world leader among the independent majors in the industry. More information can be found at

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