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TV-Loonland Accelerates Profit Growth

European media company TV-Loonland Groups net income for the first half of 2001 increased by an additional 80 percent over last year, to EUR 8.2 (approx. USD 7.5) million due to a strong international marketing strategy. The group has already realized more than 60 percent of the EUR 13.3 (approx. USD 12.1) million total net income budgeted for the year 2001. Revenues increased by 39.7 percent to EUR 34.2 (approx. USD 31.1) million, also showing much stronger growth than in the first quarter. TV-Loonland AG continues to operate debt-free. The group has at its disposal liquid funds of EUR 22.4 (approx. USD 20.3) million and equity of EUR 118.6 (approx. USD 107.7) million at a comfortable equity ratio of 71.3 percent. The growth in profits shows the effectiveness of TV-Loonlands reinforced focus on more margin-intensive in-house productions and their intention to expand the companys market position further. Because of this strategy, the subdued market in Germany and parts of South America were offset by increased distribution efforts in Great Britain and North America. In-house productions also helped boost TV-Loonland Groups traditionally high profitability. As planned, the majority of annual revenues will be realized in the second half-year, particularly in the fourth quarter. The traditional seasonal cycle will be additionally intensified by negotiated delivery dates for productions such as FANTASTIC FLYING JOURNEY (first series of thirteen episodes to Two Sides TV), LITTLE GHOSTS (39 episodes to ZDF, CITV, Australian Broadcasting Corp., Teletoon etc.) and BRIEFE VON FELIX (26 episodes to the Kirch-Group ndF, Caligari Film etc.). These revenues will lead to an extremely strong fourth quarter.

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