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TV France International Showcase in Italy

Seventeen French TV companies are attending the seventh meeting of French and Italian distributors and producers organized by TV France International, which will be held in Rome on May 19, 2005 at the Intercontinental Hotel and on the following day in Milan at the Sheraton Diana Majestic Hotel.

Italy is Frances second largest market for television productions, buying 10.64 million euros worth of French programs in 2003. Italy ranks sixth amongst countries participating with France in co-productions and presales in 2003.

Some 27 million Italian viewers tuned into 29 French programs television during the 2003-2004 season, according to a study French Television Programs Abroad, conducted by TV France International and the CNC in collaboration with Médiametrie/Eurodata TV and Peaktime.

French fiction programs such as LES CORDIER, JUGE ET FLIC, which aired on Rete 4, drew high numbers of viewers, reaching 11.7% in market share. Animated films also performed very well. MARSUPILLAMI reached 56.8% of the young people target on Italia 1 while on Rai 3, MILO obtained a 20.4% share of the weekend market and WHEEL SQUAD obtained an 18.5% market share on weekdays, all of which contributed to a clear improvement in performance for both channels.

French participants include 10 Francs, Carrere Group, CNDP/Sceren, Europe Images International/M5, France Télévisions Distribution, Galaxy 7, Idéale Audience International, INA, Les Films de la Perrine, Marathon International, Mediametrie/Eurodata TV, Moonscoop, Omnitem Communication, Réservoir Prod, System TV, Upside Télévision and Zed.

TV France Intl ( is an organization promoting French entertainment production around the world. It is comprised of 146 member-companies and 19,000 programs.