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Turbo Squid Releases Hairtrix for 3ds Max

Turbo Squid (SIGGRAPH 2005 booth #1051) has introduced Hairtrix, a 3ds Max plug-in for creating hair and fur.

In an unusual collaboration, Turbo Squid, the publisher and worldwide distributor for the Autodesk Certified Animation Plug-In Program, worked with Dimension dESIGN Animation Group and EPHERE to create an integrated product that combines the features of Dimensions hairfx and EPHEREs Ornatrix packages. Hairtrix offers superior rendering times compared to other 3ds Max hair solutions. Hairtrix offers users:* Two production proven hair and fur solutions in one integrated product.* Superior rendering times to other 3ds Max hair solutions.* finalRender Stage-1 and Mental ray support for both hair renderers.* The ability for users to style hair directly from the 3ds Max viewports instead of a separate window.* Deep interoperability between the two component products which provides the ability to add Ornatrix modifiers to the hairfx View object, render hairfx objects through Ornatrix and much more.* The ability to choose the workflow that fits the users style.

It is rare that you see competitors join together to create a new product, said Marsel Khadiyev, president of EPHERE. Were joining forces with the developers at DDAG and Turbo Squid to bring a truly revolutionary product to 3ds Max users. Were passionate about making the best product for artists.

The full version of Hairtrix retails for $595. Current hairfx users can upgrade for $150, while Ornatrix users can upgrade for $295.

Founded in 2000, Turbo Squid ( is dedicated to the management and distribution of digital products and other relevant content for 3D and 2D designers and creative professionals. Turbo Squid provides a global market for digital products by enabling individual and corporate users to list, promote and sell their content to users around the world. In 2003 Turbo Squid was named as the exclusive publisher and worldwide distributor for the Autodesk Certified Animation Plug-in Program. Turbo Squid is a privately held company with financial backing from Advantage Capital Partners, The Eastman Kodak Co. and Intel Capital.

Dimension dESIGN Animation Group is a software company based in Bulgaria, focused on the development of tools and technologies in the area of digital content creation.

Ornatrix means hairdresser in Latin, the purpose of the software carrying the same name. EPHEREs goal is to make a generalized framework of tools that allow creation, manipulation, and rendering of sub-pixel objects such as hair. EPHERE believes that interactivity is the key to artistic dominance while dealing with virtual objects. EPHERE tries to offer users as much intuition and interaction with virtual nodes/strands/segments as possible while retaining stability and sanity of the overall modeling process.