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Turbo Squid Offers Year-End Toolkit 2 for Students, Educators

Turbo Squid, home of the largest collection of royalty-free 3D assets and worldwide publisher for the Discreets Certified 3ds max Plug-in Program, announced a year-end promotion for students and educators in the U.S. and Canada.

The Turbo Toolkit 2 is a suite of 10 premium Discreet Certified 3ds max plug-ins in a single product, with a commercial value of more than $4,600 when purchased individually. The perpetual price for students and educators is normally $495.

To coincide with the release of 3ds max 7, Turbo Squid is offering this package for $99.95 for a limited time. Individual tools are priced at just $49.95 during this promotion.

The Turbo Toolkit 2 includes the following Discreet 3ds max Certified plug-ins:

* hairfx from Dimension Design Animation Group (DDAG). This hair and fur creation tool supports physics from clothfx and reactor 2 to give artists unprecedented control and realism.

* clothfx from Size8 Software provides users with a multitude of advanced tools necessary to create realistic fabrics and tailor-made clothing for characters and creatures. clothfx is versatile, powerful and intuitive, with unique collision detection tools.

* finalRender Stage-1 from cebas Computer GmbH. Top selling rendering and ray tracing solution with unlimited network rendering, 10 CPU-distributed rendering, global illumination, true 3D motion blur, sub surface scattering and nine camera types.

* AfterBurn3 from Sitni Sati. The de facto standard particle effects solution that enables rendering of realistic effects ranging from clouds, pyroclastic smoke, dust and explosions, to liquid metals, water and various procedurally defined "solid" objects.

* Absolute Character Tools 1.6 PRO from cgCharacter. ACT is one of the world's finest muscle and skin systems available. It enables animators to create realistic character animation with ease and speed. ACT also includes cgAdam and cgEve, two complete human skeletal, muscle and skin character sets all rigged and ready to animate.

* Particle Flow Tools: Box 1 from Orbaz Technologies Inc. A collection of Particle Flow operators (including painting, utilities and grouping) designed to extend Particle Flow within Discreets 3ds max.

* DreamScape2 from Sitni Sati. This is a tightly integrated suite of modeling and animation tools for building complete environments including mountainous landscapes, realistic skies and bodies of water.

* Kaldera from Mankua lets users render full scene information into special texture maps based on an object's appearance and relationship between itself and other objects in the scene. These texture maps are then "baked" into the object so they can be used to display the textured object rapidly on Direct 3D devices such as graphics display cards or game engines.

* finalToon from cebas Computer GmbH doubles as both a cartoon renderer and a technical illustrator. This true line renderer is packed with features and line types that deliver anti-aliased quality with unparalleled speed.

* Texture Layers 2 from Mankua is a mapping and texturing suite composed of two different 3ds max plug-ins. One is an "all-in-one" UVW Mapping layering tool and the other is a powerful Compositor Map material for material blending between mapping layers.

The commercial version of Turbo Toolkit 2 has a suggested retail price of $1,995 (The products sell for $4,655 when purchased individually). Users who have purchased Turbo Toolkit 1 may upgrade to Turbo Toolkit 2 (and receive hairfx, clothfx and Particle Flow Tools) for $495.

Students and educators may purchase the perpetual EDU Turbo Toolkit for $99.95 (U.S. and Canada) for orders placed before midnight, Dec. 31, 2004. Individual DCPs are $49.95 during this promotion.

These products are available from Turbo Squid Educational Resellers, including Studica (, Academic Superstore (, JourneyEd ( and Creation Engine (

Working together, Discreet and Turbo Squid are carefully selecting third party solutions that bring compelling value to 3ds max artists. These plug-ins are subjected to stringent testing procedures defined by Discreet to ensure each plug-in works well with 3ds max software and other Discreet-certified 3ds max Plug-ins. Discreet-certified 3ds max plug-ins are backed up by an online support system implemented by Turbo Squid, including developer-moderated forums, FAQs, tutorials, demos and the latest product information for Discreet 3ds max artists.

Founded in January 2000, Turbo Squid ( is dedicated to the management and distribution of digital assets and other relevant content for 3D and 2D designers and creative professionals. Turbo Squid provides a global market for digital assets by enabling individual and corporate users to list, promote and sell their content to users around the world. In 2003, Turbo Squid was named as the exclusive publisher and worldwide distributor for the Discreet-certified 3ds max Plug-in program. Turbo Squid is a privately held company with financial backing from Advantage Capital Partners, The Eastman Kodak Co. and Intel Capital.

Discreet's ( award-winning solutions are designed for digital media creation, management and delivery-across all disciplines from film and television visual effects, color grading and editing to animation, game development, Web/interactive and design visualization. Discreet, based in Montreal, Quebec - is a division of Autodesk Inc, a leading design and digital media creation, management and distribution company.