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Troy Overpowers Van Helsing

Warner Bros.' TROY (with vfx from Cinesite (Europe), Framestore CFC and The Moving Picture Co.), easily outperformed VAN HELSING in its debut for the weekend ended May 16, 2004, bringing in a good but not great $46.8M. Meanwhile, Universal's second place finisher, VAN HELSING (with vfx by ILM), dropped nearly 60% in its sophomore outing in collecting $20.7M and $85M to date. Paramount's MEAN GIRLS came in third with $10.1M and $55.4M. Fox's MAN ON FIRE slipped to fourth with $5.1M and $64.1M. Screen Gems' BREAKIN' ALL THE RULES debuted in fifth place with $5M. Sony Revolutions' 13 GOING ON 30 grabbed sixth place with $4.1M and $48.5M. Warner Bros.' NEW YORK MINUTE settled for seventh with $3.8M and $10.7M. New Line's LAWS OF ATTRACTION attracted $2M and $15.3M in taking the eighth spot. Miramax's KILL BILL VOL. 2 (with vfx by K.N.B. EFX Group) came in ninth with $1.6M and $60.8M. And DreamWorks' ENVY came in 10th with $1M and $11.8M. Box office information obtained from