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Tron Comic to Hit Shelves

Quebec City, Canada-based 88 MPH Studios, Inc. and Disney Publishing Worldwide have announced the introduction of a new monthly TRON comic book series based on the groundbreaking 1982 movie. The first four-part mini-series will hit comic book stores in the U.S. and Canada this winter. 88 MPH Studios will develop comic books based on both the original movie and the new game TRON 2.0, which will be released this August through Buena Vista Games.

The first comic book, based on the game, will follow the adventures of Jet Bradley, son of the movie's Alan Bradley, as he explores the Tron universe and comes to terms with living a dual life one as a normal 20-year-old and one as a hero. The second series, scheduled for spring 2004, will take place in the original Tron universe. Andrew Dabb (GHOSTBUSTERS, HAPPYDALE, SLICES) will serve as writer on the series. Artist Gabe Bridwell, who has done work for Image comics and Heavy Metal magazine, will pencil. Inker Serge LaPointe (DOUBLE TAKE, JLA/JSA SECRET FILES) and colorist Blond (MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE) round out the creative team. 88MPH publisher Sebastien Clavet will edit.

The TRON feature chronicled the adventures of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), a computer genius who gets transported into the electronic world of a super-computer to battle the evil dictator, Master Control. The film also starred Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan and David Warner. The picture's main claim to fame was its pioneering computer-generated graphics.

88 MPH Studios was founded in 2001 to produce the first TRANSFORMERS art book entitled GENESIS, and has become a producer of high-quality comic books. For more information visit

Disney Publishing Worldwide is the largest childrens publisher in the world, with 274 childrens magazines and 120 million childrens books sold each year. DPW publishes books, magazines and continuity programs in 55 languages in 74 countries, reaching more than 100 million readers each month.

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