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Triplets' Sylvain Chomet Opens Studio, Signs Deal With Dimension

THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE director Sylvain Chomet has opened an animation company called Studio Django in Edinburgh, Scotland. The new firm has already signed on for two productions. Chomet's wife Sally will serve as a producer for the company.

The first project BARBACOA, is set during the 1871 Paris Commune and follows the fortunes of a group of escaped zoo animals. The 2D feature will be produced in association with 4-Way Pictures, whose Mark Cousins will produce with the Chomets. It has attracted first stage funding from Scottish Screen and development will start immediately.

The second film is a 3D with Dimension films, which will begin pre-production in Edinburgh in the summer. Sally Chomet and Mark Cousins will oversee its production in Scotland along with Andrew Rona and Brad Weston, co-presidents of Dimension, doing the same in the U.S. This deal, which was signed at the end of last week, is Dimension's first foray into animation.

Sylvain Chomet said, "We couldnt wish for two more perfect projects to launch our studio in Edinburgh. They are very different both in technique and target audience and will provide Studio Django with the ideal bait to attract the best talent from around the world, as well as discourage existing Scottish talent from migrating to seek work elsewhere."

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