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Trinity goes live!

Play Inc. - the producers of Snappy Video Snapshot, Trinity and GlobeCaster- recently announced Trinity Live, a live production tool based on anadvanced digital component hardware switcher. The new tool, which istightly integrated with Trinity's real-time architecture for custom 2D and3D video effects, animated graphics, character generation, and virtualsets, is geared toward taking live television to a higher level. TrinityLive contains all the familiar features of a high-end switcher, however itsadvanced tools for integrating animation and visual effects with livebroadcasting provides studios with a myriad of new possibilities. Newfeatures such as live video mapping onto multiple 3D elements with truereal-time video reflections, refractions, transparency, warping andshadows, could well shake up broadcasters and provide solutions to creatinglive imagery previously thought impossible. Trinity Live will be availablein the second quarter of 2000. For more information visit: