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Trey Parker & Matt Stone get Shocked has announced that they have signed Trey Parker and MattStone, the creators of SOUTH PARK, to concoct 39 new works. The new showswill first air on beginning in March. Stone and Parker's newdisfunctional toons will range from 2 to 5 minutes and could be one-offshorts or pieces of an on-going series. In the L.A. Times on December 8,1999, Stone was quoted as saying that "the real allure of [the deal] isthat we get to create another TV series but on a much smaller scale. Wehave so many ideas that havn't fit in SOUTH PARK." The duo of dementedhumor will retain off-line right, just in case their new brain childs makea wave. This provision allows them the rights to pursue traditionaltelevision and movie deals bases on their newly created work. Incombination with the new Parker and Stone deal and their teaming with StanLee Media, Inc., has increased their potential in becomingthe first place people want to visit when checking out the ever-growingworld of Internet animation.

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