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TrendWatch Report Finds Sharp Rise in Server Buys at U.S. Studios

TrendWatch Inc., a leading market information company for the pro-video, visual effects, content creation and graphics markets, suggests in its 150-page report (Servers Holding the Workflow Together) that server growth will be strong this year.

Based on original TrendWatch research conducted with a wide range of U.S. studios and facilities, the SERVER REPORT outlines the evolution of servers in the visual effects/dynamic media and pro-video markets and how studios are using servers. The report also discusses server use trends by market/segment and what these trends mean for hardware suppliers, software suppliers, studios/facilities and educators.

Our exclusive research reveals that servers continue to be a top investment category and one of the fastest growing areas in the hardware business, said Jim Whittington, TrendWatch founding partner. Knowing server replacement cycles, which type of studios are planning to buy more servers and platform preferences is essential for industry decision makers. Mac OS X Server and Windows XP Server have been very strong throughout the industry. We saw the number of U.S. studios investing in servers peak about this time last year. This tells us many studios upgraded their storage and networking capabilities and this years purchases will be focused on servers for Web hosting, email and Internet access.

In the SERVERS REPORT, TrendWatch experts discuss the evolution of server use in visual effects and how advancements in networking capability and software have enabled studios of all sizes to exploit collaborative workflow to help maintain their competitive edge in the market. Also discussed are trends in server use by type and size of studio/facility and platform.

The SERVER REPORT identifies eight forces that industry decision-makers must contend with as they evaluate server use and purchase plans by studios today. Some key findings include:* 25% of U.S. studios plan to buy servers for Web hosting tasks* One in eight U.S. studios report that increasing networking storage is a major challenge they must address this year* 38% of animation and visual effects studios plan to buy servers for project archiving; this is a 17% increase from a year ago* The top three uses for servers are production (active projects), Web hosting and email* 19% of broadcast studios plan to buy servers; this is a 5% increase from six months ago* Apples Mac OS X, with its infinitely improved stability, is now seen by studios as more ideal for servers, which helps explain some of the Mac-ward migration were seeing for both production desktops and servers* 20% of U.S. studios report that managing/archiving project material is a major challenge in their business

This report is published in Acrobat PDF format and includes links to Excel data sheets containing detailed workstation data by type and size of studio/facility. Also included are data that compare current workstation use to previous years.

THE WORKSTATION REPORT is sold separately and priced at $575. For more information and details on the reports contents, key findings and excerpts from this research, please visit

Since 1996, TrendWatch ( has provided an independent resource for tracking on-going business metrics. TrendWatch reports are based on original market research with studio/facility business owners/ executives and used by leading suppliers and analysts.