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Trailer Released for 'Monsters vs Aliens' Animated Series

A trailer is unleashed onto the web for the DreamWorks “Monsters vs Aliens” animated series, which premieres on Nickelodeon on Saturday, April 6.


DreamWorks released its animated Monsters vs Aliens movie in 2009, and it went on to gross $381 million worldwide on a $175 million budget. Later than year, the studio announced that Monsters vs Aliens would become a Nickelodeon TV series.

A trailer has been unleashed onto the web for the new show, which will premiere on Nickelodeon on Saturday, April 6. Before the official premiere, the network will air a Monsters vs Aliens special, called Welcome to Area Fifty-Something, on March 23rd.

Monsters vs Aliens tells the story of a team of monsters (Dr. Cockroach, Missing Link, B.O.B. and the 49 1/2 foot woman Ginormica) brought together to protect the Earth from invading aliens. Here’s the official synopsis:

Welcome to Area Fifty-Something, a secret desert outpost crawling with displaced monsters and aliens. Monsters and aliens have quite a bit in common -- strange appearance, superpowers and senses of humor, to name a few -- but when they are forced to work side by side in a strange land, tempers begin to boil. Watch as they do their best to get along, this Spring on Nick!

Click on the image below to watch the trailer on IGN:


Source: IGN

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