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Toy Story's Buzz On TV

A new television series based on TOY STORY's Buzz Lightyear character will be coming to ABC and UPN in October. Walt Disney Television Animation is producing 65 episodes of BUZZ LIGHTYEAR OF STAR COMMAND -- 52 for UPN's "Disney's One Too" and 13 for ABC's Saturday morning lineup. Pixar will produce the CGI opening, but the series itself will be traditional 2D animation. Taking on voice duties as Buzz will be SEINFELD's Patrick Warburton, who's also starring in the live-action THE TICK series. Another SEINFELD co-star, Wayne Knight (who provided a voice in TOY STORY 2), will voice Buzz's enemy, Emperor Zurg. The new show will be based on the Space Rangers television series that spawned the Buzz action figure in the TOY STORY films. Nicole Sullivan, Adam Carolla (of LOVELINE and THE MAN SHOW), Stephen Furst and Larry Miller will voice the other Space Rangers. In addition, French Stewart and Linda Hamilton will provide the voices of several recurring villains.

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