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Toy Story stays steady at #1

TOY STORY 2 has repeated its performance in the top spot at the U.S. boxoffice. The film took in approximately US$28.3 million over the weekend tobring its two week total to $117.3 million. The remaining three films inthe top four also stayed the same from Thanksgiving with: THE WORLD IS NOTENOUGH, with primary visual effects by Digital Film, Cinesite London, andMagic Camera, coming in second with a gross of $10.6 million and a cume of$90.4 million; END OF DAYS, with primary visual-effects by Rhythm & Hues,miniature effects by Sturber Visual Concepts, and miniature photography byChandler Group, coming in third with a gross of $9.7 million and a cume of$45.9 million; and Tim Burton's SLEEPY HOLLOW, with primary visual effectsby Industrial Light & Magic and additional effects by CFC London, coming infourth with a gross of $9 million and a cume of $74.3 million. With onlyestimated numbers in POKEMON: THE FIRST MOVIE and Kevin Smith's DOGMA, withvisual effects by Station X Studios, tied for sixth with a gross of $2.2million and a cume of $80.6 million and $24.5 million respectively. Boxoffice figures are quoted from the December 6, 1999 issue of the HollywoodReporter.

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