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Toy Play Announces Xiaolin Showdown Toy Line

Toy Play has announced the retail debut of its Spring 2006 XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN toy line; the premiere collection of toys inspired by Warner Bros. Animations Emmy Award-winning television series.

Geared to boys 6-11, the collection is inspired by the kung fu mystical action-adventure comedy XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN, which features four young warriors with elemental powers who unite to battle evil. The culturally diverse series chronicles Omi, a gifted kung fu monk, who leads three dragons-in-training, Kimiko, a wealthy Japanese girl hacker, Raimundo, a flashy Brazilian circus star, and Texas kung fu cowboy Clay on globetrotting adventures. The warriors seek to search and protect the Shen Gong Wu, ancient magical power objects that give possessors supernatural martial arts skills. The series, which airs Saturday mornings on Kids WB!, debuted in November 2003.

Jonathan Breiter, svp of The Betesh Group, which owns Toy Play, said, We are so excited to launch our XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN line at retail and to finally let kids collect and play with their TV heroes. Weve translated the fantasy appeal of the show into toys that have everything a kid wants collectibility, imaginative role play, action figure adventure.

Feature toys include:* XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN PVC Collectible Figures collectible set of 2 stackable PVC characters each in an action pose ($5.99).* XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN Action Figures fully articulated assortment of 5.5 action figures which come with Shen Gong Wu accessories ($6.99).* Deluxe Dojo flexible 20 Dojo the Dragon which can be posed in many different positions. Dojo is the perfect size on which the XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN action figures can ride ($9.99).* Sword of the Storm Child sized Shen Gong Wu for kids to use in their own showdowns. Swing the sword to hear slashing storm sounds and see glowing lights. Press the trigger to hear swirling storm sounds ($14.99).* Golden Tiger Claw Child sized role play toy that kids can use in their personal quests to capture the Shen Gong Wu, one showdown at a time. Incorporates lights and sounds. Swing the claw to hear slashing claw sound effects and see glowing lights ($14.99).

The toys will be available at stores nationwide including Toys R Us, Kmart and Target, in January 2006.

The Betesh Group, in business for 30 years, is a family owned global consumer products organization with six distinct and growing divisions. Headquartered in New York, The Betesh Group operates eight offices in four countries with more than 800 employees worldwide.

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