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Total Casting Brings Voices to PVP's Stardust

Voice casting specialists Total Casting ( and its sister company, recording studio Agile Sound (, have completed the voice production on the feature Christmas special STARDUST for PVP Animation ( This is the first collaboration between PVP Animation and Total Casting/Agile Sound and they will work together again next month to start the casting for the French language version.

"Having the opportunity to provide the voice work for both versions is great," said Total Casting's Helene Rousse. "Not only do we get to be more involved with this wonderful project, but it also gives us a chance to maintain character continuity in both languages so that nothing gets lost in translation. This is one of the great things about casting and recording voice in Montreal and is one of the reasons why we decided to join forces with a studio. "

STARDUST is the story of an orphan named Simon, a grumpy elf called Kobold and Sila, an Inuit girl trekking across the arctic to find a hidden reserve of Stardust, the magical powder that makes Santa's sled fly, after the evil fairy Gresila destroyed Santa's supply. The three travelers' journey takes them across the North Pole and into adventure and danger in their quest to find the Stardust and get it back to Santa in time for Christmas.

The crew includes: * Producer: Francois Trudel* Creative director: Wade Konowalchuk (THE KIDS FROM ROOM 402, PIG CITY, TRIPPING THE RIFT, MEGA BABIES)* Casting director: Helene Rousse (SAMURAI WARRIORS 2, MARRY ME, RESTLESS, MARTYRS, FIRST BITE, KAMATAKI)Cast (English): Sila -- Dawn Ford (FOR BETTER FOR WORSE, ANIMAL CRACKERS, LION OF OZ), Simon -- Eleanor Noble (ARTHUR, SPLINTER CELL, WHAT'S WITH ANDY), Kobold -- Rick Jones (HEAVY METAL 2000, ANASTASIA, RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT, SAGWA), Rastus -- Terrence Scammell (STILL LIFE, TOAD PATROL, PRINCE OF PERSIA: WARRIOR WITHIN), Gresila -- Jennifer Seguin (CALLIOU, TRIPPING THE RIFT), Zot -- Daniel Brochu (POSTCARDS FROM BUSTER, ARTHUR'S HALLOWEEN) Zabelle -- Linda Benoy, Grenate -- Tanya Van Blokland, Pearl -- Susie Almgren, Paf -- Eloi Archambaudoin, Orphanage Headmaster -- Kathleen Fee

STARDUST is slated to air on TELETOON in December 2007.

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