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The Toronto Digital Image Festival

* Tuesday, October 23 - Thursday, October 25, 2001. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Entry Deadline: Friday, September 14, 2001

The Toronto Digital Image Festival (TDIF) has grown since 1994 to include a wide variety of digital images: from interactive comics to 3D animation to virtual reality. Computer animators, directors, producers and the general public come out to the galas each evening, while hard-core animators and students visit the workshops and 3D expo held during each day. TDIF serves as an open house for the Toronto computer animation industry. Registration is free ($10 USD if you want your tape returned or forwarded to another festival). Entry forms are available on the festival Website. For more information, contact: Rick Dolishny, Festival Director at The Toronto Digital Image Festival, 492 Dunkirk Avenue, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada L1H 3G7; Tel: (905) 438-1947; Email:; Web: