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TOPIX/Mad Dog Chases Penguin & Monkeys For Visa

Toronto-based TOPIX/Mad Dog has created the visual effects for three 30-second spots for Visa´s latest campaign. The "Penguins" ad, which promotes the Visa Gold card, is currently airing in Canada. The commercial follows a family outing to the beach where a seemingly passive penguin pilfers the family´s Visa card. Likewise, the other two spots "Monkey 2" and "Cat Burglar," feature a Machiavellian monkey and crafty cat who walk away with unknowing victims´ Visa cards. TOPIX/Mad Dog Inferno artists had to replace the live-action animals with puppets. According to Inferno Artist James Cooper, the T/MD crew also replaced the eyes of the puppets to make them look like real penguins. Filmed against a green screen in a swimming pool, the penguins were composited into an ocean environment. The TOPIX/Mad Dog team included executive producer Sylvain Taillon, Inferno artists James Cooper and Aaron Weintraub and producer Anne Deslauriers. The commercial was created for Toronto-based ad agency Leo Burnett Company, Ltd.

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