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TOPIX/Mad Dog Charts Good Health For Kellogg’s Canada

TOPIX/Mad Dog has wrapped up the 3D animation and design elements for the new 30-second spot for Kelloggs All-Bran Buds. "Chart" features an anatomical poster of the insides of a healthy woman, who leaps from the wall when no one is around to enjoy a bowl of Kelloggs All-Bran Buds. TOPIX/Mad Dog producer Diana D'amelio said the 3D character "began as a real woman shot on set, wearing a body-stocking, actually going through the actions in a series of takes. We then recreated her as a glass figure, with a skeletal structure and a stylized heart and circulatory system. The challenge lay in trying to convey the scientific while being stylish and without losing her humanity. Quite a bit of time was spent on designing the figure since she was going to be made of translucent material. We started with sketches and mock-ups in Photoshop in 2D. Then we scanned charts and organs from science books in order to start building the character and, once that was done, it was imperative we make sure that she was anatomically correct." The 3D animators on the project were Bryan Huo, Chris Johnson, Sean Montgomery, Chris Lam and Mark Ainslie. The spot was produced for Toronto-based ad agency Leo Burnett and airs in both English and French.

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