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TOPIX/Mad Dog Bites Termites For Alka-Seltzer Ad

TOPIX/Mad Dog has just finished a new Alka-Seltzer ad for the Mexican market. Combining live-action and 3D animation, the 20-second spot, "Termita," features a hungry termite, who cures his upset stomach with Alka-Seltzer. TOPIX/Mad Dogs animation director Richard Rosenman said, "Our priorities were to illustrate the termite eating wood, plastic, becoming ill, and, of course, being cured by a dose of Alka-Seltzer. We were then able to establish the carefree and indifferent personality of the insect in the scene in which the table crashes to the floor and our protagonist goes right on chomping on his wood, oblivious to the havoc he has wreaked." The T/MD team utilized Softimage 3.9 running on NT machines, Adobe Photoshop for texture development, After Effects for rough compositing, and inferno* for the online. The commercial was produced for BBDO Mexico (Mexico City).

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