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Topix Plays Futbol For Mennen

TOPIX has created a computer animated 10-second tag, entitled "Futbol," promoting the new Mennen roll-on deodorant. The spot features an animated Mennen Speed Stick expertly juggling a soccer ball. "After viewing a video of a soccer player bouncing a ball around, I thought it would be interesting to utilize the feeling of a handheld camera," said TOPIX animation director Chris Johnson. "We were able to make the visuals feel like an actual sporting event by using Softimage XSI and Final Gathering, a type of rendering, to achieve real world lighting effects." TOPIX senior producer Diana D'Amelio said, "We had to make the size of the bowl, which acts as the product's head, a bit smaller, but large enough to retain its human qualities. Our biggest challenge was to make the deodorant look like it was actually playing soccer without distorting or over-manipulating the animation. Because this is for a new product, the clients' main concern was that we not divulge the surprise, the metamorphosis of the roll-on, too early." The commercial was produced for Young & Rubicam/Mexico.

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