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TOPIX Hits Theaters With Famous Players Spots

TOPIX has just wrapped on two 15-second in-theater vignettes for Famous Players, Canada's top grossing and fastest growing theatrical exhibitor. "Feature Presentation" and "Coming Attractions," in both English and French, showcase the Famous Players theaters and their high-tech sound capabilities. The spots were created by agency Encore Strategic Marketing of Toronto. TOPIX designer/art director Mark Cutler describes the vignettes as a "millennium lava lamp, a visual stimuli that is non-specific but ties in with the music, maintaining the same fascination one has with the lamp. The images are like sound waves, like an MP3 player with a filter which translates the music into graphics." TOPIX was represented by executive producer Sylvain Taillon; designer/art director Mark Cutler; 3D animators Matt Crookshank, Livio Passera and Dominik Bochenski; inferno* artist/3D Studio MAX artist Patrick Coffey; technical director Matt Daw; and producer Cheyenne Bloomfield. The TOPIX team created the original design in Photoshop, made an animatic in After Effects and composited at film resolution in inferno*.

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