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TOPIX Creates Fabuloso Effects For Colgate-Palmolive

TOPIX has recently completed the online and CGI for a 30-second spot promoting Colgate-Palmolive's household cleaner, Fabuloso. Featuring a Carmen Miranda look-alike, "Conga" was developed through ad agency Young & Rubicam (Mexico City, Mexico), and debuted in Mexico and Uruguay in May, with a debut in Panama, Ecuador and Columbia set for June and July. After cleaning her dishes with Fabuloso, a Brazilian bombshell and two trumpet players jump from the clean plates, inspiring Mom, son and the family dog to dance a conga line around the kitchen. "During the shoot, the product was omitted as the packaging of the bottle differs in each country, so we had to composite them in," explained senior inferno* artist Patrick Coffey. "We used a lot of lighting effects including glows, rays and sparkles, and color corrected as we went, to evoke a feeling of enchantment surrounding the characters. It was a bit of a challenge to make the reflective, metallic surface of the table ripple as the characters emerge because the best way to see that something is changing shape is to catch its highlights and lowlights. It was so brightly lit that it was difficult to make the ripple recognizable." The TOPIX team included executive producer Sylvain Taillon, Coffey, assistant inferno* artist Dominik Bochenski, producer Diana D'Amelio, and assistant producer Laurie Kerr. The live-action was filmed at JPF Studios (Santiago, Chile) by Cinemagica/CM2's director Cucho Olivares.

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