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Top 5 Game Firms Using Bionatics' natFX

A look at the recent E3 conference shows that Bionatics' natFX software is being used with 3ds max or Maya by five of the top gaming firms: Ubisoft, Lucas Arts, Eidos, Electronic Arts and Atari. The one-year-old plant modeler has been used on such games as RAVENSHIELD, RAINBOWSIX 3, DEUS EX II, MEDAL OF HONOR: RISING SUN AND RTX: REDROCK 2. Bionatics announced that 22 more games will utilize the software within the next year.

The program uses bio-technology to provide users with automatic procedural 3D modeling based on virtual seeds which include an expression of the genetic code of the trees and plants. natFX contains an infinite number of variations of trees and plants from all over the globe at different ages and seasons. After the plant is computer generated, a LOD can be generated and plugged into the game engine and production workflow. Each plant is modeled using a hybrid 2D/3D mode that calculates trees by combining billboards and geometry. The software comes available with a 10-plant library, which users can add to by buying other flora and fauna on the Bionatics' Website. The starting price is $990 with extra plants ranging from $20 to $100.

Bionatics is a leader in procedural plant modeling and simulation, developing a full range of solutions for architecture, video games, 3d animation, digital content creation and virtual reality. Established in 2000, BIONATICS was formed from the research by CIRAD and its technological transfer of AMAP, a plant modeling technology known throughout the international scientific community. For more information about natFX and Bionatics, visit