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'Toot' Sets Sail for UK’s Milkshake

Lupus Films’ Toot the Tiny Tugboat heads to Milkshake! in 2014.

London, UK -- Channel 5’s Head of Children’s Jessica Symons has commissioned 52 x 11’ episodes of Lupus Films’ delightful, new animated series for 4-7 year olds, Toot the Tiny Tugboat.  Adapted from the book Toot and Pop by Sebastien Braun, published by HarperCollins, the colourful series is set to transmit on the channel’s Milkshake! strand in 2014/15.

Toot The Tiny Tugboat follows the aquatic adventures of Toot, an eager and energetic tug in his first year of service in the busy waters of the Harbour. Toot’s job is to lead big boats into the Harbour and then back out to sea, drag barges inland along canals, rescue ships in distress, help in construction, fight fires and generally work his little propeller off helping the inhabitants of and visitors to the bay. The thing is, Toot isn’t that experienced. He’s a rookie at all of this and is prone to make mistakes and even neglect his duties in favour of a bit of fun. Luckily, he learns quickly and is always keen to rectify his slip-ups with his joyous shout of ‘Heave Ho! Let’s Go!’

“We are thrilled to be working with Lupus Films to bring this lovely series to screen,” says Jessica Symons. “Toot will complement Milkshakes’ other output perfectly and we’re certain that our young viewers will quickly climb on board to enjoy Toot’s humorous adventures out on the water.”

Sailing along at a zippy pace, Toot the Tiny Tugboat has an emphasis on slapstick fun and high adventure. The Head Writer for the series is Ian Carney, whose credits include Noddy in Toy Town, Commander Clark and Tree Fu Tom.

Though the series focuses on all things nautical, the stories take their cues from emotions and situations that the target audience can relate to such as friendship, teamwork, diversity, community, determination, practise makes perfect, respecting your elders, and self-belief. Toot himself is like a child and his actions and adventures will empower children to believe they are capable of achieving big things, no matter how small they are. So batten down the hatches, sound your horn and get ready to sail with Toot the Tiny Tugboat; a tiny tug having big adventures!  

Source: Lupus Films

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