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Toopy and Binoo Invade MIP-TV

Prix Jeunesse 2006 finalist TOOPY AND BINOO is invading MIP-TV. An original production from Canadas preschool broadcaster Treehouse, TOOPY AND BINOO is produced by Spectra Animation and distributed by Spectra International Distribution. The series has been airing for several months in both English and French.

Toopy, a sweet, likeable mouse, and Binoo, a charming little cat, are two of the best friends in the world. They do everything together play, sing, horse around and entertain one another. Each episode is made up of five stories that invite youngsters to a voyage at the heart of the imagination where sheep can be ridden and dragons come out of books. Spectra Animation will also produce a series of educational interactive capsules, as well as six TV specials based on a series of holiday themes in the near future!

Produced by Spectra Animation and directed by Tribal Nova, the website or is aimed at children aged 4 to 6. The site include games inspired by the scripts of the series, easy to print activities and special animation.

TOOPY AND BINOO is an adaptation of a series of books by the author-illustrator Dominique Jolin. More than 150,000 copies have already been sold across Quebec. In addition to the television show and two websites, children will also have the pleasure of finding their heroes in a series of four books based on the televised series and published at Dominique and Company (subsidiary of Editions Heritage). Spectra Animation will also shortly announce plans for an upcoming DVD release of the TV series. Both the books and DVDs will be available next fall, in English and French, across Canada.

Licenses for the development of TOOPY AND BINOO merchandise are also available at Spectra Animation.

At MIP-TV, Spectra will be located at stand C1.05.

Founded in 2001, Spectra Animation specializes in producing animated series and films. Its most recent creation, the KID PADDLE series, which began airing on the TELETOON channel in Canada last September, has a second season in production. Work has begun on the TOUPIE ET BINOU series, which will be seen on the TreeHouse channel starting in September 2005. Other projects under development can be found on the site.

Montreal-based Spectra Animation is a film and television division of L'Equipe Spectra ( The company produces and distributes animation internationally.

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