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Toonshoppe Animates Cisco And Ripple For Black Starz!

Hollywood-based animation studio Toonshoppe has delivered the first of many interstitial episodes of CISCO AND RIPPLE for Urban Entertainment and Encore Media Group's Black Starz! cable network. The 3:30 interstitial features two animated hosts, Cisco and Ripple, who review the movies airing on Black Starz! Toonshoppe recreated the show for television based on character designs by creators A.J. Jamal and Spencer, who also voice the characters. The show originally appeared on Urban Entertainment's Website, and was animated for the Internet by Flip Your Lid Animation. The episode was animated in Macromedia Flash at 24 FPS, with additional work done in Newtek's Lightwave 6.5 and Adobe After Effects. The interstitial will air throughout the month of December on the Black Starz! network.

Urban Entertainment is fulfilling the promise of the Internet, creating contagious comedy and on-the-edge drama for the under-represented niche of African-American viewers, and finding that they have strong crossover appeal.