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The ToonSeum Celebrates Gertie the Dinosaur's 100th Birthday

The ToonSeum plans to help Gertie the Dinosaur, the first animated character to hit the big screen in 1914, celebrate her 100th birthday on February 8.

Gertie the Dinosaur is celebrating her 100th birthday! Gertie, created by cartoonist Winsor McCay, was the first animated character to hit the big screen, debuting in 1914. The ToonSeum collection features an original production sketch from the century old cartoon featuring Gertie, so they are throwing a party in her honor!

Gertie toured the vaudeville circuit in 1914 along with creator Winsor McCay in a unique show combining a live on stage performance and animation. The show wowed audiences, and left them bewildered at what was dubbed one of the great wonders! That vaudeville circuit would have brought both McCay and Gertie to one of Pittsburgh’s many theaters. Now almost 100 years later Gertie returns to Pittsburgh.

On February 8th, kids can come watch Gertie in action on the screen again and learn about the world’s first of film’s dazzling dinosaurs. Gertie will also be showing off some of her classic cartoon friends on screen as the ToonSeum kicks off our year-long Century of Animation.In addition to these great cartoons, kids can also make their own buttons and create crafts at one of our interactive creation stations!

1:15pm Gertie Film Screening

2:00pm How to Toon Quick Class

2:45pm Flip Book Construction Quick Class

In addition you can explore Gertie's dinosaur friends including T-rex, Apatosaurus, Velociraptor, and many more from Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Enjoy activities such as measuring teeth and claws, dino foot print stamping, and much more.

The Carnegie Natural History Center's Dippy the Dinosaur will be celebrating his 150th Birthday later this year, so look for other events with Gertie and Dippy coming up soon. (It has long been rumored that Dippy and Gertie are an item!) The event runs from 1pm-3:30pm on February 8th at 1pm at the ToonSeum. The cost is $8.00 per child (general admission) and $3.00 per child (members). Adults are Free.

Source: The ToonSeum

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