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Toon In: Web Animation Guide For Friday, September 8, 2000

Toon In is AWN's guide to what's new on the Net. This week's installment features a fascinating short entitled MIRROR, Cartoon Network has revamped its Web Premiere Toons section, John K rolls a humorous WEEKEND PUSSY HUNT and much, much more.

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Every week AWN's associate editor Rick DeMott highlights what he thinks is the top new toon in cyberspace in "Rick's Picks!"

Rick's Pick For Friday, September 8, 2000!

Airing on iFilm Lee Laniers MIRROR is a fascinating look at cultural perceptions of beauty and how they affect us. The 3D animation is great but the true success of this short is the story. There are a lot of content sites playing shorts from every Joe, Dick and Harry but only a small percentage of these films are really progressive in what theyre trying to say. MIRROR is a film in this proud minority. It addresses the issue of "What is beauty?" and draws intriguing lines between all cultures too what extent we will go to be "pretty."

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