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Toon In: Web Animation Guide For Friday, August 4, 2000

Toon In is AWN's guide to what's new on the Net. This week's installment features Annecy aired shorts, Playboy contest winners and much, much more.

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Every week AWN's associate editor Rick DeMott highlights what he thinks is the top new toon in cyberspace in "Rick's Picks!"

Rick's Pick For Friday, August 4, 2000!

This week AtomFilms spotlighted two brilliant films from Adam Benjamin Elliot entitled BROTHER and COUSIN. These bittersweet clay-animated films chronicle the lives of the directors asthmatic brother and epileptic cousin. In a simple way Elliott truly captures the essence of his characters and reminds use that its the little things that truly define who we are. Cheers to AtomFilms for making such wonderful animated short masterpieces available for mass consumption. Hopefully, Atom will obtain UNCLE, which is the third film in the trilogy.

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Rick DeMott
Animation World Network
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