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Toon In: Web Animation Guide For Friday, August 11, 2000

Toon In is AWN's guide to what's new on the Net. This week's installment features the newest toon from John K, Bill Plympton and much, much more.

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Every week AWN's associate editor Rick DeMott highlights what he thinks is the top new toon in cyberspace in "Rick's Picks!"

Rick's Pick For Friday, August 11, 2000!

After a painfully long two week hiatus, the newest Webisode of ELMO AARDVARK: OUTER SPACE DETECTIVE has picked up the pace once again as one of the best toons on the Web. and Will Ryan Productions have created a witty throwback to classic toons of the past. The retro style is unlike anything on the Net and the voice cast and timing is dead on. If you check out some of the archived installments you can even hear the legendary June Foray who lends her voice as Salamagrundy.

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Rick DeMott
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