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Toon Radio joins UpSNAP

The anime-soundtrack Internet radio station Toon Radio ( has joined the UpSNAP wireless streaming service.

UpSNAP, through its proprietary SWInG (Streaming Wireless Internet Gateway) platform, enables mobile access to virtually any type of live and on-demand streaming audio content including NASCAR In-Car Audio, ESPN Radio and more than 150 additional radio channels covering music, news and entertainment.

The UpSNAP service can be accessed through virtually every wireless carrier.

According to Toon Radio's president, Robert Stukowski, "Webcasting has always been limited by technology. You need a computer just to tune in. On top of that, you need a very fast Internet connection to enjoy it. UpSNAP's service lets webcasts such as Toon Radio to expand to new markets, while providing the portability they need to grow."

Listeners can tune in using two different ways. The first, which offers premium services, requires a cell phone with SMS (text messaging) services. Listeners can text the message "TOON" to the phone number 27627 (2SNAP) for further instructions. The second and free way is to simply call 646-213-0005 and enter 2782 when prompted. This can be used with any phone, including landline phones.

More information on the UpSNAP service can be found at

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