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Toon Radio Introduces Three New Animation Podcasts

The internet radio stream Toon Radio ( proudly introduces three brand new animation talk shows to its streams.

Press Release from Toon Radio

Buffalo, New York (May 10, 2011) - The internet radio stream Toon Radio ( proudly introduces three brand new animation talk shows to its streams.

The first of these three podcasts is the Kool Kids Klub. Produced directly by Toon Radio, Kool Kids Klub will be presented in a roundtable format, and feature the latest news and commentary on animation from around the world. Taking an unbiased, “nothing’s sacred” approach to both industry and fandom, the panel of veteran animation news columnists will tackle topics as diverse as the state of the animation industry, new productions, fan activities, animation conventions, and may others. 

The regular Kool Kids Klub panel is a diverse cast of characters. Avaitor, "the coolest mofo you'll know", knows everything about golden age animation, music, film, and the adult film industry, among other topics. Daft is the “wildcard” of the group, often interrupting the podcast with random songs or phrases. Shin Von Vekou is a self-claimed Newtype. VeemonJosh is a digital monster with a human name.  ChibiGoku is the "female perspective" on the animation industry. J'onn J'onzz is the only ordinary guy on the show. He likes the same kind of science fiction material any good nerd would, and can also pretend to have interest in whatever the panel randomly brings up.

Kool Kids Klub is currently scheduled to run Thursdays at 10 pm Eastern (7 pm Pacific) on Toon Radios stream, which can be found at An encore presentation will run Fridays at 10 am Eastern (7 am Pacific), with each episode made available for download at a week later.

Along with Kool Kids Klub, Toon Radio has also added Not Another Cartoon Podcast to its programming as well. Produced by the [Real] Scratch Pad, Not Another Cartoon Podcast is talk a show dedicated exclusively to American animation. Each episode will be dedicated to a single animated television series or film, while a panel of guests discusses the latest happening in the animation industry. Not Another Cartoon Podcast will air Wednesday nights at 10 pm Eastern (7 pm Pacific) with an encore 12 hours later.

For those who prefer their animation Japanese, Toon Radio will provide the Notaku Diaries, another podcast produced by the Real Scratch Pad. Each week, listeners can submit series for the panel of guests to review while they give their thoughts on the Anime industry as a whole. Notaku Diaries is scheduled for Tuesday nights at 10 pm Eastern (7 pm Pacific) with encore presentations 12 hours later as well.

For more information on Kool Kids Klub or Toon Radio go to

For more information on Not Another cartoon Podcast or Notaku Diaries, go to

About The [Real] Scratch Pad: The Scratch Pad is your center for animation articulation and comic thought balloons. Headed by some of the most passionate minds in the animation community, The Scratch Pad will prove that can, and will, be a revolution that sweeps the globe.

About Toon Radio: Operating out of Buffalo, New York, Toon Radio is an all request, live-feed internet broadcast which plays animation soundtrack favorites and animation podcasts from around the internet. Toon Radio’s streams can be found at