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Toon Goggles Lands on MEEP! Tablet

Toon Goggles app featured on innovative new tablet for kids.


The online kids channel Toon Goggles has partnered with Oregon Scientific in an agreement  that will see the Toon Goggles app pre-loaded on Oregon Scientific’s new MEEP! tablet, an innovative, Wi-Fi enabled tablet designed for kids age 6 and above.

Available throughout Canada and the US, Toon Googles’ app will be included on the MEEP! tablet, enabling young children instant access to Toon Goggles’ extensive library of over 1,000 hours of entertainment and educational programming. Toon Goggles collection of content features animated series and games from top entertainment producers and distributors from around the world.

“The MEEP! tablet is an ideal platform for Toon Goggles content,” said Stephen L. Hodge, Managing Director, Toon Goggles. “The tablet embodies a ‘virtual arcade’ of fun and activity with stimulating learning elements for children. MEEP! fosters the same ideals we, Toon Goggles, maintain; to provide a safe and parent-friendly entertainment destination for kids.”

“As a Kid Safe+ certified product, we are committed to providing content that is both engaging and age-appropriate for kids ages six and up,” said David Riley, Product and Marketing Director-ELP for Oregon Scientific, Inc. “Partners like Toon Goggles provide the type of fun, interactive selection of content that we want kids to enjoy on the MEEP! tablet and we are excited to have them on board.”

The MEEP! tablet features rich, interactive pre-loaded content for kids – games, e-books, movies, music and more – as well as access to Google Play and other online content. Customizable web-based parental controls permit access to age-appropriate content as well as the ability to approve or disapprove individual websites. A colorful silicon sleeve and large 7-inch touch screen ensure durability and ease-of-use for kids of all ages.

Source: Toon Goggles

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