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Toon Disney's Jetix Orders Second Season Of Yin Yang Yo!

YIN YANG YO!, has received an order for a second season of 26 half-hours, to air on Jetix, Toon Disney's comedy/action/adventure programming block.

In the second season, Yin and Yang will discover they possess more powers, additional mythology of Woo Foo will be uncovered, some of the old villains will have new motivations and new villains will be added to the landscape.

"With its mischievous humor, inventive characters and snappy dialogue all set against a rich, animated world, YIN YANG YO! has really resonated with viewers, becoming a signature series for Jetix," said Adam Bonnett, svp, original programming, Disney Channel and Jetix.

Launched in Sept. 2006, YIN YANG YO! airing at 7:30 pm, now stands as the most watched original animated series premiere in the history of Jetix the broadcast drew total viewers (491,000) and target kid demos, kids 2-11 (334,000) and kids 6-11 (217,000), delivering massive triple-digit percentage gains over year-ago time period levels.

Among all series on Toon Disney, YIN YANG YO! (average of all telecasts) tied for the #1 rank among kids 2-11 (0.7), kids 6-11 (0.7) and boys 6-11 (0.9). Since its debut on Jetix in September 2006, in its Monday primary time period (7:30-8:00 p.m., ET/PT), the series has increased the year-ago time period ratings among kids 2-11 (29%, 0.9/217,000 vs. 0.7/149,000), boys 2-11 (44%, 1.3/155,000 vs. 0.9/92,000), kids 6-11 (67%, 1.0/142,000 vs. 0.6/81,000) and boys 6-11 (75%, 1.4/99,000 vs. 0.8/50,000).

Geared to kids 6-11 with cleverly written comedy and visually engaging anime, YIN YANG YO! is produced utilizing Flash animation software. Later this month, YIN YANG YO! will begin airing on Jetix schedules in Europe and Latin America.

YIN YANG YO! follows the antics of hyper-kinetic tween rabbits Yin and Yang who, when faced with the sometimes threatening and mostly idiotic forces of evil (including Carl the evil cockroach Wizard who still lives with his mom), must temporarily put aside their sibling rivalry to learn the mystical martial art of Woo Foo, the energy that allows them to defeat enemies ten times stronger than themselves. They train under the guidance of Master Yo, an irritable old panda forced out of retirement to rebuild the lost art, two heroes at a time. Yin and Yang's judgment most often misses the mark with hilarious consequences.

Bob Boyle (THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS) is the creator/exec producer/co-director of the series; Steve Marmel (THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS) serves as writer/co-exec producer and John Fountain (THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS) is the co-director of YIN YANG YO!

Produced by Jetix Animation Concepts and Walt Disney Television Animation, the series' voice cast is: Stephanie Morgenstern (RIDING THE BUS WITH MY SISTER) as Yin/Chung Pow Kitties; Scott McCord (CARE BEARS: BIG WISH MOVIE) as Yang/Yuck; Martin Roach (RESCUE HEROES) as Yo; Jamie Watson (GET ED) as Carl/Zarnot; David Hemblen (LA FEMME NIKITA) as Night Master; Tony Daniels (SAILOR MOON) as Ultimoose/Kraggler; Linda Ballantyne (SAILOR MOON) as Saranoia and Jonathan Wilson (TOTALLY SPIES!) as Dave/Coop.

Jetix is the newest kids' brand that defines a genre of Disney entertainment on television -- action and adventure, the most mischievous, most high-adrenaline personality of kids TV. In the U.S., Jetix programming block is seen on Toon Disney, an advertiser supported channel available in more than 57 million homes. Internationally, Jetix programming is seen on 18 Jetix channels in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Jetix is part of the Disney-ABC Television Group at The Walt Disney Co.