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Toon Disney Hosts "The Great Toon Weekend Getaway"

Toon Disney presents "The Great Toon Weekend" every weekend beginning Saturday, Jan. 27, 2007. Leading off every Saturday and Sunday afternoon is TOON DISNEY'S BIG MOVIE SHOW (12:00-2:00 pm, ET/PT), followed by five hours (2:00-7:00 pm, ET/PT) of programming showcasing popular series that are based on hit Disney animated feature films.

Beginning Jan. 27, Toon Disney's afternoon schedule is:

12:00 pm: TOON DISNEY'S BIG MOVIE SHOW2:00 pm: ALADDIN (back to back episodes)3:00 pm: TIMON & PUMBAA (back to back episodes)4:00 pm: BUZZ LIGHTYEAR OF STAR COMMAND (back to back episodes)5:00 pm: THE EMPEROR'S NEW SCHOOL (back to back episodes)6:00 pm: LILO & STITCH (back to back episodes)

Toon Disney finished 2006 with its most-watched year ever in primetime in total viewers (238,000) and total day in total viewers (210,000), kids 2-11 (148,000) and kids 6-11 (80,000) and total day in total viewers (210,000), kids 2-11 (118,000) and kids 6-11 (64,000).

Compared to year-ago time period averages, Toon Disney's BIG MOVIE SHOW (M-F 5:00-7:00 pm, ET/PT) exceeds year-ago levels by nice margins, up by 11% in Total Viewers (437,000 vs. 394,000), by 9% in kids 2-11 (238,000 vs. 219,000) and by 13% in kids 6-11 (122,000 vs. 108,000).

On Friday, Dec. 22, 2006, the channel premiere of THE POLAR EXPRESS stood as Toon Disney's most-watched movie ever in Total Viewers (1.35 million) and best of 2006 in kids 2-11 (677,000), roughly doubling year-ago time period levels (vs. 625,000 and 341,000, respectively).

Toon Disney, a 24-hour basic cable channel geared towards kids 2-11 with a core of kids age 6-9, showcases a variety of Disney's classic and contemporary animated series and movies plus the fantastical action/adventure programming under the Jetix brand. Toon Disney is advertiser-supported and available in more than 59 million U.S. homes and on multiple Toon Disney channels worldwide. It is part of the Disney-ABC Television Group at The Walt Disney Co.

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