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Toon Boom Studio Version 2.5 for Mac Ready

Toon Boom Animation has launched Toon Boom Studio version 2.5 for Mac OS X, a program used primarily for 2D cartoon animation. Some of the releases new features include sound scrubbing in the Timeline, the ability to draw in Sceneplanning and support for scanning.

Toon Boom's client base ranges from major studios creating Hollywood blockbuster animated films to individual animators creating their first masterpieces.

The upgrade can be purchased online or from a reseller at $ 199.

All Mac customers that are eligible to receive the free electronic upgrade to V2.5 must download the upgrade within 30 days of the customer release (by May 19, 2004) and then the upgrade will be able for purchase from the online store.

Toon Boom is also launching a new Website to provide more detailed information about Toon Boom Studio and this latest release. Based in Montreal, Canada, Toon Boom Animation carries several leading animation products such as USAnimation, Toon Boom Studio, Concerto and OPUS, as well as provides consulting services related to production workflow and productivity.