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Toon Boom Studio V2 Now Available

Toon Boom has released an upgrade to their Toon Boom Studio 2D animation solution for the Web. Like Version 1, the Toon Boom Studio V2 camera tool allows the user to approach the project cinematically, choreographing a production within the computer in a virtual 3D environment. Other upgrades in V2 include enhanced lip-synching tools and compatibility with Macromedia Flash MX, with a swf importer and the Toon Boom Studio Importer for Macromedia Flash MX. "Toon Boom Studio is a great complement to Macromedia Flash MX, due to the seamless integration between both products," said Eric Wittman, director, product management, Macromedia. "Toon Boom Studio is a natural drawing and painting extension to the powerful features in Macromedia Flash MX." To find out more about Toon Boom Studio V2, visit

An in-depth review of V2 is upcoming in Animation World Magazine. In the meantime, find out all about Version 1's basic features in Eric Oldrin's review.