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Toon Boom Releases Workout Series

Toon Boom Animation Inc. has released the Toon Boom Animation Workout Series. Touching on all aspects of animation creation, the Toon Boom Animation Workout Series is a dedicated program of exercises designed to help users develop the techniques and skills necessary to get the most out of the Toon Boom product family.

Each title of the Workout Series lays out the objectives, provides users with the necessary tools and materials as it guides them through each exercise, while allowing them plenty of freedom to experiment and add their own personal touch to the final result. As a bonus, each animator involved in the series provides some useful Animators Tips.

The first Animating Workout title is split into two components. The first one shows, step by step, how to use the drawing tools, as well as animating. The second shows how to add elements and create a movie. The Animating Workout sells for $24.99 and is available at the Toon Boom online store.

The next title is in the works and will teach the fundamentals of cutout-style animation, showing, step by step, how to go from a rough sketch to a fully painted character, ready for cutout animation. Check out all the eLearning tools Toon Boom offers online at

The Workout Series is designed to work with Toon Boom Studio or Toon Boom Solo. This is not designed to work with Toon Boom Studio Express.

Winner of the 2005 Primetime Emmy Engineering Award, Toon Boom Animation is a worldwide leader of animation software solutions with high-tech tools such as morphing, inverse kinematics and glue. Toon Boom carries several leading animation products, including Harmony, Opus, Solo and Studio. Toon Boom also offers consulting and training services dedicated to increasing animation production efficiency and quality. With these great offerings, Toon Boom Animation is well poised to continue delivering quality, efficiency and reliability to the animation community - for all animation styles and formats.

Montreal-based Toon Boom's ( client base ranges from major studios creating Hollywood blockbuster animated films to individual animators creating their first masterpieces. Market-leading studios using Toon Boom's products include Nelvana, Klasky Csupo, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Universal, Mercury Filmworks, Alphanim, LuxAnimation, Cosgrove Hall, King Camera, Cromosoma and Lanterna Magica, to name a few. Some of the prestigious productions done with Toon Booms technology include LES TRIPLETTES DE BELLEVILLE, LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION, RUGRATS, THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS MOVIE and CURIOUS GEORGE.